Are You A Creep???

Hmmmm creepy creepy creepy! How many times have you ever thought, am I a creep? Do I get turned on stalking people? You haven't? :0 Just me then. :P Nah, I'm just joking. I made this test for a bit of fun. Please enjoy.

COME ON AND HAVE A GO! You are either a creep, part creep or not a creep! Plus it's all for a bit of fun, so what have you got to lose? ENJOY MY QUIZ, GIVE ME A RATING AT THE END AND POST IT TO YOUR MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, FLIXSTER, WHATEVER! THANKS! :D

Created by: Lu the Brummy Wankle :D
  1. Your idea of a Saturday morning is to...
  2. Saturday evening; you are out on the town. What's your idea for the evening events.
  3. You're rattled off by your boyfriend/girlfriend because you think they're cheating on you. You:
  4. Your clothing style can be described as...
  5. You spend your money on:
  6. Your favourite TV shows are like:
  7. You enjoy:
  8. You enjoy:
  9. You Hate:
  10. You become in possession of a lighter. You:
  11. Your Plan For Life Is:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Creep???