Are you a cool person?

so guys this is for the mere fun of it and its all just from my opinion,so it shouldnt really matter anyway but if it does and you get a bad score well,please,ladies,no hate.Good luck taking this coolness rating type quiz!

i dont know why i need to write two paragraphs,the title is pretty well self-explanatory as to what thise quiz it i mean if your that curious just take the quiz and find out yourself.Would you really take my opinion of my own quiz?! of course im gonna like it.Have fun

Created by: meerkat
  1. which is your favorite drink?
  2. which is your favorite group of bands?
  3. what cliche are you?
  4. which is your favorite movie series?
  5. what is your typical mood?
  6. which is your favorite store?
  7. Favorite movie?
  8. style of dress?
  9. favorite shoes?
  10. favorite song?
  11. favorite colors?
  12. favorite actor/actress?
  13. can you play any instruments?
  14. How loud do you like your music?

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Quiz topic: Am I a cool person?