Are You a Boy or Girl?

People are ithe female or male but all have a place in this world. Find out what you are in this quiz. All you need to do is click on sone answers and let the quiz work.

Are you a boy girl. You couldjust be in a boy or girl costume or even a tomboy or sera girl P. S. I just made the term seragirl up and it means the opposite of tomboy?

Created by: katie
  1. What would you rather do?
  2. Dodedodeda theres a snake coming towards you?
  3. Abcdefghijklmno...
  4. Are you
  5. Would you kiss your boy/girlfriend in front of a crowd?
  6. Bing bong tin tin tong please sing this song all day long.
  7. You bchdtf id xufitcxh htrbcxthbujc hj.
  8. Ima runnin outa questions so the words 'kiss me' are what in bo/girl talk.
  9. _ _ _ _g
  10. I am...

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Quiz topic: Am I a Boy or Girl?