Are you a BARBIE?

This is a fun, STEREOTYPE BASED QUIZ THAT IS NOT MEANT TO BE OFFENSIVE, and it's used to find out how much yiu look like a barbie doll! Please don't be offended! :)

Are YOU a barbie? Do yiu have all the plasticness to qualify as a fellow barbie doll? Until now, you could only wonder! Take this quiz to find out! :D

Created by: Erasiloria

  1. Are you tall?
  2. Are you Blonde? ;)
  3. Are you tan?
  4. Do you wear make up?
  5. Do you wear high heels?
  6. Are you OBSESSED with being perfect?
  7. Are you unhealthily thin or skinny?
  8. Do you have big boobs?
  9. How many barbie dolls do u have? :D
  10. Friends?
  11. Fave song? :)

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Quiz topic: Am I a BARBIE?