Are we bestfriends or can we?

WOW i got here,please and please i want to know if you are my missing bestfriend or friend if you are am expectin 80-100 lol,and if you are not 0-20 lol.

Incase ynu find any stupid or useless question please just answer it,this is my first quiz so am really grateful,scrow down and begin to answer the questions.

Created by: bellagirl

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  1. as my bff wats my fav colour
  2. whos my celeb crush
  3. my fav animal
  4. fav snack
  5. who am i....
  6. wat do i say wenever smth wrong happens
  7. my fav number
  8. fav book
  9. do i have a crush on gtq
  10. r u my bff

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