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Are you lonley or a popular cheerleader? Do you attrack a lot of friends? Well if you are a cheerleader or a friend attracting person you can be a very popukar person!

Many people think that being mean and having a group of followers is what being popular is about. It really isn't. Being popular is about being nice to your surroundings and being a good American citizen. Take my quiz to find out if you are popular!

Created by: heranna

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Someone asksu wanna be bffs? u say
  2. Do you want a BFF
  3. how do u like this quiz so far
  4. why did u take this quiz
  5. this is my first quiz you know
  6. Ok Ok back to the quiz Wats ur BFF like?
  7. Do you have a BFF?
  8. three more questions to go1
  9. Are you a cheerleader

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