there many of us with leadership position but few of us know if we have the potential or are even qualified for it. for some it may have been accomplished through friendship popularity or just luck

are you a leader? find out by taking this quiz and determine where you lie. not all of you may be satisfied wiht the results for they are based on how you best answered the question

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  1. one of my team members are acting up i would?
  2. on a scale from one to ten what would be your tolerance in terms of perfection (1 being care free)
  3. giving the chance to take a more higher position knowing u did not deserve it u would
  4. being a leader i would rather be....
  5. being a follower u would mostly prefer a leader that
  6. knowing chain of command.. when a problem was to occur u would
  7. being a leader i would...(best fit)
  8. you know nothing when u know
  9. (with ur chosen answer) would that apply to a leader
  10. do u thing u are a fit leader ?
  11. u are more of the (best fit)

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