Are u a cute af?

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Hello cuties this is a quiz for all cuties bc u r all cuties and ppl who say nu ur not are equal to poop so yeah have fun with this quiz cuties *gives u guys cookies*

omg okay yes I'm using text speak on purpose wtf why is text speak so much more aesthetically pleasing but anyway yeh the text speak is deliberate xD

Created by: UnLoving

  1. yes u r
  2. u r v v cute
  3. anyone who says otherwise is a meany ok
  4. do not associate with them ok
  5. ur whole existence is v cute
  6. u can do it u r cute & strong
  7. *gives u a blanket and hot chocolate*
  8. u put on pants today yay u
  9. or if u didn't that's cool too I didn't either
  10. bye cuties

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