Are they lying?

Yeah... we know it. Lots of people out there lie, and half the time we don't even know they are lying. We think to ourselves, "Is that a lie?" Hmm... I wonder...

So, are they LYING? Do they think to themselves "Haha, I think I fooled them"? Well if you take this quiz, you will know! Then you can say to them "You never fooled me my friend!" (that will be fun!)

Created by: Elory Chihuahua

  1. Have you had anyone say something,but you don't beleive them?
  2. Well this quiz will tell you if they are lying!
  3. Has anyone said to you there was a Monster High called Deez Nuts? It's not true!
  4. And have you heard that if you hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer? It's a joke!
  5. Well this is a way to stop them!
  6. Here's the plan: IGNORE 'EM!
  7. Will you ignore them?
  8. If yes, good luck!
  9. If you get told on, say "They lie to me!"
  10. Hope you learned a lesson today!

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