Are you as cool as us?

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We are absolutely amazing and deserve a Nobel Prize for outstanding awesomeness. Ask our boyfriends. They're the ones that show us off. We also know when you're lying.

We know when you're lying because we pay your FBI agent for your information, so please don't lie. It's expensive, not cheap. Also, Jessica, just know that we know you know we know.

Created by: AJ

  1. Are you a female?
  2. Does your name start with a "j" or "a?"
  3. Were you born in July or April?
  4. Do you have brown hair?
  5. Are you 14?
  6. Do you watch Supernatural and/or Lucifer?
  7. Do you live in Texas?
  8. Have you ever illegally transported drugs?
  9. Are you in high school?
  10. Do you like taking these type of quizzes?
  11. Would you date us?
  12. Why or why not?

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Quiz topic: Am I as cool as us?