Are A Cat Or A Dog?

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Hi! Do you ever look at a cat or dog and wonder, am I a cat or a dog? Well, this quiz helps you find out! If you are a cat, you are smart and a bit controlling. If you are a dog, you are athletic and sometimes a pushover.

Come on! Find out if you really are a cat or a dog! Answer honestly! Dogs think their humans are God, cats think they are God! So? Are you a seductive cat, or a never lazy dog?

Created by: Still_Slytherin.7572
  1. I could never find you...?
  2. One cool thing you can make people do is...?
  3. You'd rather...?
  4. Mud: Hot or not?
  5. Which is best to drink?
  6. Shopping spree!
  7. Are you smart?
  8. How much sleep do you need?
  9. No one would ever call you...?
  10. Pick a color.
  11. What is your favorite food? (out of these options)
  12. Do you like birds?
  13. What happens if someone scolds you?
  14. Do you have a pet?
  15. If not, what pet would you rather have?
  16. If so, which pet DO you have?
  17. Which is better?

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