Animals trivia quiz

This quiz was made to determain if you know about animals so take i dare you to score a 100% (im just kidding so pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase don't be mad or angry)

Do you know animals of course you do who dosent?. But do you know them "well" take this quiz and you'll get your result hope you get a good score see ya

Created by: Animalsandwepons
  1. What will happen if you cutted a horse's tail
  2. For how much minutes can a iguana stay under water
  3. How much time can a tortoise survive without food and water
  4. What is the life span of a normal hamster
  5. When did the dodo bird extinct
  6. Why do must flamingos eat shrimps
  7. A horse can stand for .........
  8. What is the life span of a fly
  9. Which animal has the most powerful psi
  10. What is the largest species of scorpions
  11. What is the strongest breed of dogs
  12. Can an elephant feel a bee sting
  13. Is there an animal that never dies

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