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There are so many fans of me including Johnny Be! Hope you get the hang of it. But do you love my videos? Hope you do. Good luck on answering this quiz!

Are YOU Good at this quiz? Are YOU a genius? Well I have this awesome quiz for you to become the biggest fan of me on Youtube! Good luck answering this quiz!

Created by: Angus Macdonald
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  1. What category of channel is Angus's channel?
  2. What is Angus's favourite song on Youtube?
  3. What is the real name of Angus's favourite Youtuber?
  4. What was the inappropriate build in Build Battle Angus voted Super Poop on but the rest voted Legendary
  5. What is the type of person Angus adds on his cancelled TV Show. The Happy Story About A What?
  6. What is the name of Angus's most hated Youtuber?
  7. What is Angus planning for his 100th video?
  8. What is Angus's favourite kit in Super Smash Mobs?
  9. What is Angus's favourite game on Hypixel?
  10. What Was Angus's first ever video?
  11. When did Angus start Youtube?
  12. What does AMM stand for

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