Amazing Race Test

Are you a real fan of the amazing race race? have you watched the seasons of the show? If you are, come take this quiz for the fun of it. Come find out how much amazing race history you know.

Are you an amazing race genius? Come find out by taking this test. This is based on the history of the amazing race and will surely put your knowledge to the test.

Created by: Trevor Malden of Malden Trivia
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  1. Which winning team had the lowest average position?
  2. In which season was the U-Turn introduced?
  3. In an Intersection task, teams must do what?
  4. In season 30, who won the most legs?
  5. Which team has the highest average position of any team in the history of the amazing race?
  6. Which team became the very first team to quit the amazing race?
  7. Which team lost in a footrace to the finish line in season 2?
  8. Which team won a leg only to notice they had lost their passports which resulted in them being eliminated?
  9. Which of these tasks was a new element introduced in season 30?
  10. Which team became the first team ever to make it to the final 3 and not cross the finish line?

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