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  • 0% um honey I think you don't get it.. See just because I don't have a boy (yet!) or text/tweet often doesnt mean our not popular! I have tons of friends and sorry I don't do stereotyping my friends r always telling me how funny and cool I am and btw I don't think they ask how popular you were on your college application sorry for being harsh but just thought u would like to know so cya!

    Miss carrot
  • uh well no offense but this is a dumb quiz! being popular does mean you HAVE to be a b----y person.. it means how many people know you AND appriciat the real you! having bfs and staying in a crowd does not make a person popular .. its like oh well i am sure you'll have a better idea next time :3

  • Silly person! How conceited! 'Popular' people stab each other in the back. True friends stab you in the front.

  • You are 0% popular!!!!

    You are the low of low! Try to get out there and make some friends!

    It does describe me a little, but I do have like, 10 friends so I'm not a total loner.

  • 20 % i don't think she gets it.... well just cause i am really super nerdy does not mean i can't be popular!!!!


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