Am I Obese, Overweight, chubby, Normal or Skinny?

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you are you its ok to be chubby and this quiz will help you find your self and no matter what you get just be you and do you want to de fat or not be you!!!

and if you get obese there are ways to stop that from becoming permanent <3<3<3<3 love your self and every thing will be ok so yep and plz leave a comment

Created by: ChubbyGirl
  1. What is your current weight?
  2. What is your BMI?
  3. How many meals do you eat a day?
  4. Look down what do you see?
  5. Do you know how much weigh have you gained last year? if you don't know make a guess.
  6. Do you have rolls while standing?
  7. Can you see your ribs?
  8. After walking up a 30-step stair fast, how do you feel
  9. Slap your belly How long does it jiggle
  10. I eat until...
  11. Can you see your belt
  12. f someone were make a remark about your weight in the hallway would they say

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