Am I fat quiz 🤔

It's just a bit of fun if you don't want to know if you're fat.

If you found out you're chubby or fat it doesn't mean anything. Unless you took this quiz to see if you should lose weight don't worry about results.

Created by: Sammy

  1. If someone gives you a full pack of biscuits what would you do
  2. If you are at a barbecue party how many hotdogs do you eat
  3. Can you fit into skinny jeans
  4. Can you fit into you clothes from last year
  5. Have you ever been called fat
  6. If you were forced to eat a Chinese takeaway would you do it
  7. How many meals do you eat a day
  8. Would you want to be fat
  9. Are you glad to be fat
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz

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