Am I A Therian?

Therianthropy is the belief that one is not fully human, and instead shares the mentality or spirit of a non human animal, extinct or otherwise. These people refer to themselves as theeianthropes. Or simply therians.

Do you feel this way? If you still aren't sure take this quiz. Or take it for fun! This quiz was designed to be as accurate and professional as possible with no filler. Please enjoy.

Created by: FeliformFox

  1. I have experienced feelings that I am not human, at least partially.
  2. I feel a strong connection to a non human animal
  3. I tend to act like an animal when I belive no one is watching
  4. I was fond of animals when I was young and wanted to be like them
  5. I have experienced dreams where I am in an animal form
  6. I truly feel like I have the soul of an animal
  7. I feel different from my peers
  8. I have made animal noises involuntarily either alone or around others
  9. I have a strong connection to certain animals but I don't feel like I AM that animal
  10. I have animal themed memorabilia around my house or room
  11. I use different terms that others don't understand (example: calling your partner a mate or your room your den)
  12. I feel or have felt like I was not meant to be human
  13. As a child, my response to questions like "what do you want to be when you grow up" was always an animal
  14. I have animal like mannerisms or have been told I act like an animal
  15. I feel better when I am in nature, in particular, I feel like i am free and its only natural for me to be in the wild.
  16. I believe in, or have, Animal totems or spirit guides
  17. I call people "humans" as if I am referring to them as a separate species than myself
  18. I chose the animal I feel connected to because I like the species
  19. I believe in reincarnation and believe I could have been an animal in a past life
  20. Everyone I know grew out of pretending to be an animal when we were young but I still feel the same.
  21. As I age, I realize that this is apart of who I am instead of it being an experimental phase
  22. I tend to feel better when I see the animal I have a connection with in the wild as though we have a kinship

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