Am I a simp????????

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Wanna know if your a simp? Come ask the Queen of the simps. Yes I said queen -_- Yeah, This test is kinda just seeing if your available for simp land but it still is a Simp test so no worries!

Anyone who is 34% and higher you are very well welcomed into my land it's a discord I will be creating very soon so on February 1st please come back so I can give you the link to join.

Created by: RavenBby
  1. What's your birth assigned gender?
  2. Have you ever watched pxrn?
  3. Have your ever simped over anyone before?
  4. If someone were to call you a simp would you be offended?
  5. Are you single?
  6. Are you sexual active?
  7. If you had to put the word simp in your username which would you pick?
  8. Did you take this for fun?
  9. Pick one
  10. Are you dom or sub?

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