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  • Your Result: Level 1 72%

    Wannabe roadman, often in secondary school and wears expensive coats and straight jeans, also lots of adidas hoodies and t-shirts. Often called by others as a chav.

    64% Level 2
    44% Level 3
    24% Level 4

  • Wagwan mans level 2 innit look at these wannabe roadmans just buy expensive clothing from Adidas and other tingz yea but if you cant then mans sorry but yea snm

  • 97% level 1. what even is this. what is a roadman? I'm soh confused. :/ also I am poor I don't have any expensive clothing. or Adidas related clothing either. I wear tees tho. what's a chav? :/ I like skittles.

  • Right on G!

    The main g
  • i cant believe this fam i am a true roadmen but this is a lie innit i aint no chav this fake


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