Am I a pretty person?

everybody is beautiful sometimes u just dont know it. this quiz can help u figure out wat the best things about u r and if u should change something about yourself.

not only will this quiz reveal outter beauty but it will reveal inner beauty too. r u a really pretty person but super mean? a really pretty person whose super nice? a person who might not be a model but is definently sweet? a totally average person (which is never bad) this quiz tells all!

Created by: Msswimmerchic

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u think ur pretty?
  2. how many friends would u say u have?
  3. wat are u and ur friends like?
  4. wat do u look like?
  5. wat is ur personality like?
  6. wat's ur best feature? like wat makes u pretty?
  7. wat color are ur eyes?
  8. wat color is ur hair?
  10. jk about the last question ok this is the last question... did u like this quiz?

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