Am I a cool guy?

There are a lot of people in a middle or high school, but only a few of them are cool. Are you one of the cool people? Take this quiz and find out if you are cool.

Are you cool? Some people wish that they were cool and they try to be cool, but then they don't get to be cool. They get to be weird. And everybody talks about the weird stuff that they do to try to be cool.

Created by: alpq1245

  1. Do you think you are cool?
  2. How many friends do you have?
  3. Do you wear something one day, and in a week everybody is wearing it?
  4. Do people follow you around at school?
  5. Do kids nod after you say stuff?
  6. Do people wish they could be like you?
  7. Do the kids or teachers like you more?
  8. Do you try to be cool?
  9. Do you think you are being bullied by a lot of people?
  10. When you walk in to class what do people do?
  11. When you walk by people's lockers what do they do?
  12. Do a lot of people want to be your friend or boyfriend or girlfriend

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