Alpha or Beta, What Type of Man are You into?

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Many of us are familiar with the term Alpha and Beta male. An alpha male is cocky and self interested, and the beta male is self sacrificing and sweet type. Many pick up artists and relationship theorists state that women like jerks, and leave the nice guy to finish last. But is this true? Do you think this is true for you?

Take this quiz to evaluate what type of man you are into. There are 5 results. At the two extreme ends there are alpha and beta, of course. But there are also a few options in between - in order to offer something more realistic, since nothing in life is black and white. Take this quiz to see what type of man you prefer. When answering the questions, either imagine that you are answering them about a real guy that you are totally in love with, or your pre-imagined, ideal lover.

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  1. On a typical dinner date:
  2. In bed, you prefer a man who...
  3. Have you ever been passionately in love with someone even though they treat you with no respect?
  4. In terms of confrontation...
  5. And what about outside partners?
  6. He is...
  7. On Valentines Day..
  8. Does he get into fights?
  9. In terms of the relationship finances...
  10. When it comes to apologizing...
  11. Who said "I love you" first?
  12. Which of these fantasies appeals to you most?
  13. A relationship with drama is...
  14. In terms of sexual experience...
  15. Which of these situations turns you on the most...
  16. You would rather date
  17. Think back upon all your past relationships. Which of these is the most common reason you broke up with someone. (If you haven't had any past relationships, just pick the option that is the most annoying trait to you).
  18. Which of these traits is the most annoying in a boyfriend
  19. What do you think your result will be?

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Quiz topic: Alpha or Beta, What Type of Man am I into?