Alone In The Forest

Many humans have good survival, lets looks how many ! and this is about survival, how long can a human survive ? how good he is ! lets prove it here !

do you have very good survival skills ? are you gonna survive ? will you not die lost in the woods ? lets figure it out ! we will survive, we will not give up !

Created by: Gundars

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What will you build more ?
  2. Have you ever survived in the nature ?
  3. If there is a wolf near you, what you do ?
  4. Did you ever go to a military or survival trainings ?
  5. How mass do you have ?
  6. Could you kill your pet and eat it if you were starving ?
  7. Could you kill your pet and eat it if you were starving ?
  8. What type of human are you ?
  9. How much do you work per day ?
  10. how big muscles do you have ?

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