all who are bored come here

im bored others are bored.. face it we are all bored.if you are bored then take this quiz into concideration.go and have fun. i cant stop you. just try to see if you see anything you like

i tried my best and try not to post anything mean. i dont like mean. so go and take the test. see if i did good.comment.rate please. i want to know how i did.i think i did good.

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. heres a list of fun websites
  2. things you can do
  3. if the weather is bad like rain
  4. snow
  5. if you play musical instriments
  6. anything on a nice day
  7. night
  8. if you like to video chat
  9. kiddie sites
  10. wanna talk over the internet
  11. electronic free
  12. curious

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