All about the bible quiz #1

This quiz is to test your knowledge of the scriptures. you will be graded from 0-100% the ONLY reason you would take this is to see how much you still need to learn about the word of God.

do you think you can answer all the questions? they get harder as the quiz goes on, but you will learn how much you still need to learn about the word

Created by: steve of bible answers for gypsies
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  1. Jesus said "heaven and earth will pass away but __ ______ will never pass away"
  2. Who was the first high preist of the hebrews?
  3. which disciples mother in law did jesus heal from a fever?
  4. Which of these is NOT one of the disciples?
  5. Samson lost his strength when his hair was cut because:
  6. Who was the first king of isreal?
  7. When God made a promise to abraham who did he swear by?
  8. Who said "the LORD gives and the LORD takes away"
  9. who asked "what is truth?"
  10. What is the second commandment?

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