Alison's Quiz!!!!

This is the quiz about me...I tried to make it kind of hard but if you are really my friend and truly know me then this should be pretty easy. I hope you have fun and don't struggle to much because I want to see everyone who takes this do well. Well much love AP

In just a few moments you will find out how well you know me! I hope you know most of this informtin but maybe you will learn something new and exciting about me! Well good luck and don't do to poorly on this quiz of mine!

Created by: Alison.chaney

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my favorite tv shows?
  2. What are my top four choices for college next year?
  3. How many sisters do I have
  4. what are my three favorite colors?
  5. What is my favorite subject in School?
  6. What is my zodiac sign
  7. What size shoe do I wear in Men's?
  8. what's my favorite animal
  9. What kind of car did I use to drive?
  10. What is one of my favorite songs
  11. What do I want to be/do when I am older
  12. What did i use to be addicted to?
  13. Where was I born?
  14. what do I do when I am tired?
  15. What kind of cell phone do I have
  16. what is my middle name?
  17. Where does my dad live?

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