Algebra knowledge quiz Level-1

Algebraic expression is an expression that contains a variable,a constant,or a combination of constants and variables.If we take any letter in the english alphabet and use it to represent a number,this is called a variable.If a variable stands for one specific value it is called a constant.

Do you know many things about algebra?Do you want to know more about it?Then give yourself a few minutes to read and answer the questions carefully,and see how much you know about algebra.Good luck.(You'll need it.)

Created by: Charizard-X and Francis

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  1. 5d+53-b+8-c+12-4a (a=6,b=20,c=5,d=4)
  2. w+x-y+z-w+x (w=15,x=3,y=5,z=4)
  3. 6r+15-5q+5s-t (q=2,r=4,s=3,t=15)
  4. 4a+3b-2c-5d-4b+3c(a=3,b=4,c=5,d=6)
  5. (Questions 5-6:Translate Verbal Phrases into Mathematical Phrases) twice a number y decreased by 20
  6. 3 times a certain number w
  7. (Questions 7-8:Translate mathematical phrases to verbal phrases.) the product of p and q
  8. twice the number x plus 30 minus twice the number y
  9. A letter used to represent a number
  10. Stands for one specific value

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