akatsuki boyfriend quiz

Have you ever wanted to know who your akatsuki boyfriend is? Well take this quiz to find out! Includes tobi, deidara, itachi, kisame, hidan and other guys! i don' want to write this stupid effin paragraph but i gotta screw that! ya know wuts i means? do ya! do ya! no effin repeated characters! How stupid is that anyway this is a boyfriend quiz so get happy! okay bye bye p.s hi!

p.s. pein and orochimaru are not in here. this is for girls only. That means that konan is not in it. Yeah i didn't make a quiz for lesbians this time. i don't want to write all of this. did you like typing this much when you made your qiz did you? well i hate it!!!! ugh w/e.

Created by: nami
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How evil are you?
  2. wbfgsdevsdlv?
  3. do you have kekke genkai?
  4. Do you like puppies?
  5. are you having fun? Be honest.
  6. Do you like waffles?
  7. what does your first name start with?
  8. Who do you think your boyfriend will be?
  9. what's your faveorite song?
  10. are you happy?

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