AFL Grand Finals Quiz.

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This is a quiz about AFL (australian football league) grand finals. From who won them, what the margin was and what year the grand final was. Basically all kinds of statistics to do with AFL grand finals.

This quiz however will not include anything about Norman Smith Medals because, well, I dont know to be completely honest. Just try your luck on my quiz.

Created by: Cody

  1. Who won the 2018 grand final?
  2. When was Carltons last premiership(Made in 2019)
  3. Who won the 1996 grand final?
  4. When was the Western Bulldogs first premiership
  5. Who were the first premiers?
  6. Which of these years was there a draw in the grand final.
  7. Who has played in the most grand finals
  8. Who won the 1966 grand final
  9. What is the biggest margin in a grand final?
  10. Who won that grand final?
  11. Who won the 1990 grand final?
  12. How many grand finals have Collingwood lost?(As of 2018)
  13. Which was the last team to win 3 grand finals in a row?(2018)
  14. Which of these teams are yet to win a grand final?
  15. Which of these teams are yet to play in a grand final?
  16. Which of these teams have won 8 grand finals?

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