Adele Quiz

Okay. The first thing you should know is that this is for both Adele 21 AND 19. So, make sure that you know both, or else you will be disappointed.

All you do is choose the song that the quote is from. That's it . bleach great fantastic i lik cehese know i don't but most importantly, it's were i met

Created by: wolfgrl45

  1. "...And you be the one for me, I be the one for you..."
  2. "You say *pff* I've known you longer my dear."
  3. "When the rain is blowing in your face..."
  4. "I build myself up and fly around in circles..."
  5. "There's no way I could describe him."
  6. "Let it burn."
  7. "Gonna lay your s**t bare."
  8. "Shows that we are united."
  9. "Next time I'll be breathing, I'll be my own savior."
  10. "Wipe that dirty smile off please."

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