Across The Universe Quiz

Across the Universe is a really great movie with hidden references to the beatles music and pop culture in their time. some of them are easy to find and some are hard!

How observant are you while watching across the universe? find out by taking this 10 question quiz! it goes from the songs sung to hidden references! see how much you know!

Created by: nick

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  1. What is Jude's last name?
  2. what is lucy's last name?
  3. what is the 2nd song heard in the movie?
  4. what is jude attempting to draw as a fruit and then stops?
  5. here's a freebie: ______ is a warm gun.
  6. fill in the blanks: (jude talking about paco) he's a ________
  7. what song does lucy sing a part of that jude sang earlier?
  8. what is the contortionist's name?
  9. What is the song that Sadie sings when lucy gets to NY?
  10. The name Sadie is from the beatles song: Sexy Sadie. Max is from Maxwells silver hammer. what does Jude's ex girlfriends name, Molly, come from?

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