Acid Base Test

Website to do list: - Definitions and Theories DONE - pH calculations DONE - pH quiz DONE - Neutralization DONE - Indicators DONE - Making Salts DONE - Buffers - Glossary *Define each word and have a hyperlink to when it was first used

Real life: bicarbonate buffer that keep the body 7.4 (keeps the pH os your blood 7.4, despite changes in breathing, diet, or vomiting, soreness etc.) (if our body was acid odic (lower pH or more basic) than enzymes don't work and our body couldn't carry oxygen efficiently.

Created by: weebly
  1. Which of the following is a definition of an acid?
  2. Which of the following is not a definition of a base?
  3. What is the Lewis Theory?
  4. Is 6.8 on a pH scale acidic or basic?
  5. What color does a weak acid turn universal indicators
  6. What type of solution makes red litmus paper blue?
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