Accurate Sorting Hat Personality Quiz

If you have ever wondered what would your Hogwarts House be, please don't hesitate to take this quiz! Would you be a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin?

The test consists of 12 questions (but first two don't affect your results). Please answer honestly, remember that there are no "better" and "worse" houses, but only different types of personalities.

Created by: moon&stars

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  1. Imagine you're a founder of new, Hogwarts-like school for wizards. You would like it to:
  2. What would you like to explore the most at Hogwarts?
  3. The trip of your dreams (if you didn't have to pay for it) would be rather:
  4. If one of those were to be given to you, what would you choose?
  5. What would you rather prefer:
  6. Your ideal work would be the one that...
  7. Do you like to be in the centre of attention?
  8. If you could open one thing, what would it be:
  9. You would be more proud of yourself:
  10. Imagine you're in a secret chamber. Choose one magical object to keep:

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