Abe History 101

This is a quiz to test who knows me the best.. True Friends will accel, others will fail. Every answer has a score from -6 to +6 depending on how good or bad the answer is..

So, there are hundreds of different combinations of scores you can get.. Only my true friends will get anywhere close to 100%.. Good luck.. Much luv..

Created by: Abe
  1. What is my Mom's Name?
  2. What is my Dog's Name?
  3. What is my Dear ole Granny's Name?
  4. What is my favorite rap group / rapper?
  5. What is my favorite Country Singer?
  6. What is my favorite color for cars/trucks/bikes?
  7. What is my favorite color for clothes?
  8. What color are my eyes?
  9. How many years did I go to college?
  10. What do I tell you if you mess with me?
  11. Where is my all time favorite place to eat?
  12. How many cavities do I have?
  13. What is my favorite desert?
  14. How many brothers / sisters do I have?
  15. Whats my favorite snowboard gear company?
  16. Whats my best golf score / bowling score?
  17. What state was I born in?
  18. What is my middle name?

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