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There is a lot of Aaron VLogs fans out there. ARE YOU ONE?! Are you just a fan or are you a huge fan and just can't live without Aarons humer or Zak and Nick's?

Are YOU an Aaron Vlog fan from Ghost Adventures??!! Have you seen the videos so many times that you know every little detail? Take this quiz and see if you are just a fan or you are a big fan. PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT!

Created by: alyssa

  1. In a vlog what did Aaron and Nick do at 12:50am to 1:00am?
  2. In a vlog at a little BBQ place Zak Bagans found something on a glass table. What was it?
  3. In a vlog Aaron came into Zak's hotel room and said "we are going to wacth you do your hair." What was Zak's reaction?
  4. What did Zak get while eating a clam.
  5. On the same vlog from number 4, what happened to Aaron?
  6. On the vlog of Yorktown Hospital, Why was Zak mad at the end?
  7. In a vlog Zak was showing everyone how he makes a sandwich and Nick was playing with a tube. What was the vlog?
  8. In a vlog Zak Reveals his favorite ice cream flavore. What was it?
  9. The vlog of Salem Witch House, what did Zak have in his mouth while talking to Nick and Aaron?
  10. In the begining of Wavelry Hills vlog, what did Zak hear that made him stop talking?
  11. The vlog called Vulture Mind Wind Storm, What happened to Zak?
  12. At Rolling hills garage sale Zak reads a qoute then says the price. How much was it?
  13. What joke did Zak do at Lizzie Borden House?
  14. Vlog called Magnolia Plantation part 9, what did Zak find and wanted.
  15. In the vlog called Hold On for a LOL, while Zak and Aaron ware singing what was Nick doing?
  16. What color IPhone does Zak Have or had?
  17. Zak pretending to go back in time with a bike. Where did he do this at?
  18. On Aarons Vlog called twitter hah, what was Aaron and Billy Tolley laughing about?

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