A warrior's battle (part 7)

Hello, this evil murderer is back with part7. I missed you did you miss me, of course you didn't cuz I'm a freak. I know that not much will be done in the quiz but it's because of- well me explanation is I'm the last question and dont you dare go all the way down there and read it ok you have to wait.

Hello, this evil murderer is back with part7. I missed you did you miss me, of course you didn't cuz I'm a freak. I know that not much will be done in the quiz but it's because of- well me explanation is I'm the last question and dont you dare go all the way down there and read it ok you have to wait. Bcc. Zd d d

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

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  1. [Scarlet's P.O.V] I kicked punched and even managed to bite without throwing up in disgust as the guards tried to put a kind of necklace thing around my neck, appently handcuffing my hands and legs weren't enough. I swung my arms and hit one of the guards in the head, as he fell to the ground I noticed that he was holding the necklace, it was kind of like a handcuff minus the chain and it had a white stone attached to it. My eyes widened as I realized what it was, I forced myself to remain calm and I unleashed one of my plant monsters who then attacked the guards making their blood stain the wall and floor. I quickly crawled and grabbed the necklace, *what am I going to go now* I thought to myself.
  2. I stood up as I heard someone open the large black door. "well I see why your father trained you personally, you have strong power, you're quite a good fighter and I am impressed that you managed to kill my guards while handcuffed but then of course when you can summon a monster like that there is no need for you to fight"said Eliot, the shadow king. I stared at him, looking into his cold black eyes. "you're just like your father, so fearless and confident, although it is good to have confidence there is a thing as having too much of it, Scarlet Shinigami why do you insist on defeating me when I am giving you the opportunity to join me" said Eliot as he walked around the room starring down at his fallen soldiers. My monster watched his every movement and I closed my eyes, consintrating as I looked through the eyes of my monster. "goodnight Scarlet"said Eliot as he threw a small black ball of magic at me. I ran out of it's way but it only followed and hit me, knocking me out.
  3. I woke up in a small room, my head hurting almost as much as the time Felix hit me on the head with the handle of his sword, but that's a different story.I touched my neck but only felt the cold necklace, I sighed, the necklace absorbed my power, well some of my powers like my element ability, me being a vampire and warrior can not be taken away from me, it's who I am and it's in my blood. I stared at the weird room, everything appeared to be made of steel in the room, nothing was inside exept a small tray of food and a small barred window. I watched as a guard came in and grabed my tray of untouched food, *not that I was going to eat it* and left locking the door. I sat up and looked out the window, it was night by then but I wasn't tiered. "is it safe to come out now?". I gently shoved my hand inside the pocket of my purple and black jacket and searched for the little fairy that was inside. "you could have just said yes"said the dark brown eyed fairy. She flew off my hand and now the two inch tall fairy floated in front of me, the gentle breeze blowing her black hair in her face. "Sophie, I need to know what you showed Esmeralda, did you give her my warning?" I asked the brown eyed fairy, her response was "um...." "well answer me" I told the fairy almost losing what little patience I had left.
  4. "well, I made everyone fight and then she left with Marth to the woods then they met nathanel and he killed them both"said Sophie. I stared at the floor, not daring to look at the fairy, fearing that I would let my anger take over and end her life. "s-scarlet" called the fairy, I remained silent, I couldn't look at the fairy much less talk to her. ".......I'm sorry, I got carried away, I know you trusted me and I messed up and forgot to tell her,....it's my fault that we're going to lose, all because I couldn't warn esmeralda that Marth was going to die and I couldn't tell her where the antidote was"said Sophie. I could tell she was on the verge of crying from the sound of her voice. I looked up at the fairy who had tears in her eyes, she looked at me almost begging me to forgive her. I wasn't her fault it was her first time creating a dream she got carried away, she reminded me so much of the time I first got a practice sword, I swung it around everywhere and made my brothers my servants for a few months until they received their practice swords. I smiled, looked up at the dream fairy, and simply nodded. "so you do forgive me?"asked the fairy,uncertain of my response. "of course, don't worry they'll win and everything will be ok again, even if it takes another thousand years"I said to the fairy, she simply nodded.
  5. [Esmeralda's P.O.V] "so what you're telling me is that if you give someone your life stone you're asking them to marry you!"you say sounding shocked. "um......ya"says Matt, you notice that he starts blushing bright red. You immediately remember the stone Matt gave you the last night you stayed in sun village, one year ago. You never took the necklace off and you were even wearing it now. "I think we've rested long enough"says jade "we only have a hour before it's night"says skyler "it will be easier to attack at night"says Felix "but there aren't many places where we can hide"says Matt "we can deal with that when we get there"you say. You all stand up and continue walking from the now cold desert to the ocean where the fountain stands.
  6. [FAST FORWARD] After hours of walking you finally made it to the Ocean Of Lost Souls. By then it was almost completely dark and freezing cold. The cold, salty breeze pushes against you face making you shiver. Skyler grabs Marth's jacket, which you were holding, and wraps it around you. "you're going to get sick" says skyler as he lovingly smiles at you, making you blush. You hear what sounds like a dog growling, you turn your wad and see Matt in his wolf form growling at skyler. You suddenly hear a pair of footsteps coming your way.
  7. "come over here"whispers jade, you all quickly walk over to a huge boulder and hide behind it. "well this is going to be difficult"whispers Felix "how are we going to do this,who is going to carry Marth"says Matt as he stares at Marth, who is now laying on the ground. "you think they'll see him if we leave him here?"asks jade "I think it's safe to leave him here, he's dead already so there's nothing they can do to him"says Felix "just grab his stone and let's go look"says Matt. Felix lifts marth's head gently and removes a dull grey stone, shaped as a skull that was round Marth's neck "who gets to protect the stone?" says Felix
  8. "it makes sence that Esmeralda would protect the stone, she can turn invisible and if anything were to happen to us she can easily place the stone on the fountain without being spotted"says jade
  9. "but-" says Matt "It makes sence"says Felix interrupting Matt "I guess I could take the stone"you say sounding unsure "do you all really think we should put esmeralda in danger"says matt "I'm going to die in a day, I might as well be of some use while I still can"you say. Felix hands you the grey skull shaped stone with a silver chain attached to it. You all come out from behind the boulder and quietly start walking along the shore. "Hey you kids are going to die for trespassing!"screams a man dressed completely in black
  10. Ya I'm not too proud of that last line, it was a weak choice of words. Anyways I believe that I should have posted this part earlier in the week but I had writers block. Well not really I was just thinking about where I'm going with this story so I'm letting you decide. Should I continue and do what I think can be described as a sequel OR just end it in some way. YOU DECIDE! I really don't think you are going to help and I can't decide myself. Please comment even I it isn't about this your comments mean a lot and they are my inspiration to keep writing.

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