a story quiz #2

this is #2 in a i still don't know how many part series!but all i know is that you have to put the result in the comment box.these quizzes are getting easier for me now.

i hope you like it and that you can request which store/shop to be in the next quiz.request,rate,comment,smile a never ending cycle.well enjoy this quiz and at least try and read this.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. Which store do you tend to goto mnore often
  2. do you buy:clothes,crafts/flowers or both?
  4. Which is more terrifying?
  5. Do you like shopping budget,in an exspensive store?
  6. Do you like clothes shopping?
  7. WHICH do you like more
  8. You are scared of:
  9. are you brave?
  10. do you want to die by: hit by car knife slit ur throat tripped and broke ur skull(me:OW!

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