A Song Of Ice And Fire Quiz

A Song of Ice and Fire is an epic fantasy saga written by George R.R. Martin. Set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the nearby countries, ASOIAF spans hundreds of leagues and involved many characters.

How well do you know Westeros and its many Houses? What details can you remember from the book and characters? Take this quiz to see if you can prove yourself.

Created by: MaidofTarth
  1. What are the words of House Baratheon?
  2. Which character does Richard Madden play in the TV adaptation?
  3. What does 'valar dohaeris' mean?
  4. Who is Rhaego?
  5. What relation is Edmure Tully to Eddard Stark?
  6. What House does Jeyne, Robb's wife come from?
  7. Where is Melisandre from?
  8. How many kings has Jaime Lannister served?
  9. Which character always has at least one POV character in each of the five books?
  10. What is the name Arya takes when she is running errands around Braavos?

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