A quiz you'll regret taking...

Uh oh! Someone's in trouble! You are here because you've been naughty aren't you? What did you do, lie, talked back, cussed, broke a rule or maybe even stole! Let's see how we'll teach you a lesson!

Also this is not supposed to be used for children. If you are a child taking this quiz or a parent using this to determine what punishment your child deserves, I would look somewhere else. Don't rely on an online quiz to discipline your child or yourself, especially when most of them are abusive and sadistic.

Created by: Carlos Daniel 101

  1. On a scale of 1-5, how major was your action?
  2. Have you done this before?
  3. Anything you would like to say for yourself?
  4. Do you deserve to be punished?
  5. In general are you good or generally naughty.
  6. Will you do it again? 😑
  7. Why did you do what you did?
  8. Is your punishment in front of people?
  9. Are you going to be good and accept whatever punishment you get?
  10. When got caught/lectured, did you make a fuss?

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