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If you're already a Sudoku fan then I should imagine that you will have no problem in getting full marks for this quiz. It consists of general knowledge questions about the techniques involved in solving Sudoku puzzles. It also tests you on some basic facts about Sudoku as well.

I must point out that this quiz in no way gives any form of assessment about how many Sudoku puzzles you can complete or the level of the puzzles you can do. It tests knowledge regarding how to do them, but putting the techniques into practice is another matter. There is usually a strong correlation between theory and practice but not always. You might be great at the practice and poor at the theory or vice versa. Please bear this in mind.

Created by: mathemania
  1. What is the total number of small squares in a standard Sudoku puzzle?
  2. Shown below is a horizontal line of numbers in a Sudoku puzzle. The question mark denotes an empty square. Which number should replace the question mark and go in the empty square? 8 4 1 2 6 ? 5 7 9
  3. Which country was the first to do Sudoku puzzles?
  4. Sudoku has been described as 'The Rubics cube of the twenty first century'. Which professional celebrity mathematician made that statement?
  5. Which one of the following statements about Sudoku puzzles is false?
  6. If three numbers are missing in a row or column of a Sudoku puzzle how can one of those numbers be put in the correct square?
  7. What is a good way of ensuring that a group of three successive mini-grids horizontally or vertically have all three of a particular number in the required squares?
  8. Which one of the following statements about numbers in the four corner squares is correct?
  9. What is the sum of all the numbers in any mini-grid of a completed Sudoku puzzle?
  10. What is the total sum of all the numbers in a standard Sudoku puzzle when it's complete?

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