A Music Test (Pop & Country)

Do you love pop & country music? If the answer is yes then please take this quiz! I'm not a huge fan of these paragraphs so... I LOVE NIALL HORAN!

I hope you really enjoy this quiz and you results! Remember, it's a super easy quiz in my opinion! So good luck! I like cheese! I'm a very random person.

Created by: Marley Luvs Niall Horan :p
  1. Who won the X Factor 2012? (US)
  2. Who sings the song "Little Things"?
  3. Who sings the song "Begin Again"?
  4. Who Sings the song "Good Girl"?
  5. True or False: ACDC is a country band
  6. Who is Tate Stevans?
  7. Who sings "Boyfriend"?
  8. Which of the following singers is not a country Singer: Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert?
  9. Who's a country singer? Taylor Swift or Julia Roberts?
  10. What are One Direction fans called?

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