a harder all about horses quiz!!!

this quiz is for horse lovers only!!!! try and get over 70% but if you dont its okay you just need more practice!!!! this quiz is for fun!!!! the quiz is a level up from the last one!!!

are you a horse lover???????? because if you are then this is the quiz for you!!!! by the way this is level 2 of the quizzes level 3 is on its way!!!!!

Created by: flossiboo

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  1. what is the oldest esstablished horse in england.
  2. what are the parts of the bridle?
  3. what colour is patches of black and white?
  4. what are a horses 4 paces in the right order from slowest to fastest?
  5. is a sire male or female
  6. is a dam female or male
  7. can horses swim
  8. what is ment by a "green" horse?
  9. in inches and centimetres how much is a hand?
  10. how can you tell the age of a horse?
  11. do horses have feathes?
  12. what does a red ribbon in a horses tail mean?
  13. how old can a horse be before it is classed as an adult horse.

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