A cure for temporary boredom.

In this quiz you have to try and get the hidden result bye choosing the right possible answers. It won't be easy though! So don't be disappointed if you don't get it the first time.

I was really bored and so I decided to make this quiz into a game to entertain sellect bored people. Good luck getting the right result, and remember to have fun!

Created by: Weaux

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  1. This here quiz is made for people who are acutely affected with boredom.
  2. So here's how I'm going to cure it: ...
  3. In this quiz I have made two results...
  4. One of these results is going to be very easy to get.
  5. The other will be very difficult to get.
  6. Your goal Is to try and get that result by choosing which of the three possible answers you think will get you that result. Remember you have to get it right all three times.
  7. Go!
  8. Now try again.
  9. One more time!
  10. The wrong result will claim that you are bored. The correct result will claim that nobody will ever see it. Go see if you clicked the right answers, and get to see the hidden result. Bye! :)

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