A Campus Love Story

Aryanna Jaramillo is the new girl in town about to start NYU and is now living with 4 handsome guys that will all have a part of her heart . read on and find out what she brings !

Take the quiz its sucky but i'll improve on it just leave comments and feedback to see what i can improve on. hope yoou enjoy it ! watch out for the next part

Created by: famargaxo
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  1. You have just arrived in Manhattan, New York as you will be attending NYU in a few days. Your kind of the new girl in town still trying to figure out if you will fit in based on your personality and appearance:
  2. You explore the city, visit Broadway Times Square 5th Ave Radio City, etc. At around 10 you get a cab and start heading toward upper eastside Manhattan where you have agreed to live with 4 other roommates in a beautiful loft over seeing all of the city . you dont know exactly who your room mates are so as you approach the building even closer you begin to feel :
  3. you arrive at the building and it looks beautiful kind of EXPENSIVE. you begin to go inside & than upstairs. you arrive to the 20th floor to apartment 470A & knock softly. you wait a few minutes and right when your about to knock again this guy probably 6'2 tan & very muscular opens the door . you :
  4. " Umh , you must be the new roomie *smiling awkwardly* My name is Jaydan Ortiz, come in. " speechless you follow. snapping back into reality you introduce yourself " Um I'm sorry , I'm Aryanna Jaramillo I'm the new roomie *thinking to yourself"stupid stupid stupid why did i say roomie"* I just moved out here from Boston , well i arrived earlier today*smiles* " he smiiles and says " Well its very nice to meet you Aryanna. Let me show you your room" you follow him upstairs where your room is , as your walking you notice the living room is very much your style , a big long white sofa with a few stylish pillows overseeing the beautiful city , a huge cheetah rug a big 60' plasma and a 3 lamps. Its very clean and open. You go upstairs and he leads you to one of the 6 rooms. He opens the door & your jaw nearly drops ! ITS BEYOND GORGEOUS. Your room has a black bed with white covers & many pillows which lays on top of a red carpet , you have two night stands a burrow & a huge plasma tv. you have about 5 windows overlooking the city. your room also has its own bathroom & walk in closet which is the size of nearly the whole room. how do you feel at this point?
  5. Jaydan takes your luggage and takes it into the closet. He comes back and begins to speak " It sure is a beauty don't you think? *smiling* " " It deff is. I'm shocked i taught id be living in a room not even one fourth the size of this one but I mean the bigger the better right?" Jaydan laughs and nods " Well you must be kind of tired, so I'll let you be. If you need anything I'm right across the hall don't be scared to come in. Is there anything you need before I leave?" " Thank you, and i think I'm fine for now " Jaydan goes out & you :
  6. The next day you wake up at around 830 am & you hear many voices all over the hall. You get up shower & get dressed . what do you wear?
  7. You get dressed & head out of your room downstairs. you walk slowly & try to take the whole house in. Its gorgeous more like a scene on a movie set. you walk downstairs into the kitchen where you find yourself being stared at by 3 guys. All you can say is "Um .. " & than Jaydan walks up behind you & says " Well guys this is Aryanna, shes the new roomie. Lets all be nice and NOT FLIRT WITH HER! " you looked at each one of them, they were all gorgeous like models ! you pulled yourself together & began to speak" Hi, umh, My name is Arianna Jaramillo I'm from Boston and will be attending NYU in a few days to study arts & fashion.I'm Colombian and i dont cause much trouble. i really hope i get to know each one of you " they all smiled at you & than Jaydan spoke again " *smiling* Thank you Aryanna. Well let them introduce themselves " a tall tan muscular guy with hazel eyes and surfer hair stood up & said " Hey I'm John, Sophmore at NYU studying Engineering I'm sort of the whore in the house but I'm actually really nice once you get to know me, & welcome beautriful *smiling* " John sat down & and another tall football player looking guy stood up he was tan with a blow out , looked a lot like Chris Brown. " Alright alright John dont be a whore * smiling at John * My name is Anderson I currently train with the NY Giants but study Mathematical Science at NYU & if you ever need anything just come to me *winking & grinning*" Anderson sat down & another not so tall kind of skinny tan black flippy hair with kind of tight clothing stood up " Hey ! I'm Nathanial Sophmore at NYU studying Fine Arts and well i mean i'm kind of the party in this house ! so just come to me whenever your feeling down " & finally Jaydan " well we already met but i'm Jaydan studying Law & Business at NYU i kind of keep the house together so if you ever need anything you know were to find me " You guys finished introducing each other and had breakfast after you head to your room & lay on the bed. who are you thinking about?
  8. Your laying there when you hear a knocking. Its Jaydan . you tell him to come in " Hey um, well i know your new and stuff & well i wanted to know if you wanted to head out & look around the city? "
  9. You agree & get ready , what will you wear?
  10. You decide to wear The coral blue dress with gladiator sandals & an LV bag. Jaydan is already waiting for you wearing a pair of khaki shorts a blue POLO with navy blue toms & raybans . He looks at you & says " *smiling* wow , you look.. gorgeous " " Thank you m you look pretty handsome yourself" "haha thank you , should we go?" he takes EVERYWHERE ! he takes you to Broadway , Times Square , Statue of Liberty, Little Italy , Ground Zero & finally takes you to dinner at Red Lobster. You guys sit down & talk "So Aryanna , did you have fun?""most deff i had a great time , your very outgoing & fun i like that"" well thank you , and i have to say your beautiful & a very interesting person i hope we go out again" " i mean if you stay the same than of course " you guys talk and he takes you home . you get ready for bed when suddenly ... OPPS ! If you want to know what happens read the next part ! coming soon. How did you like it so far?

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