(Yokai Watch) Are You a Fleshy or Bony?

Fleshy and bony, bony and fleshy. They are two teams that were fighting in a war. A war over donuts. A war to prove what kind of donut filling is better.

What team are you on though? I'm personally on team fleshy but you can be on team bony or fleshy. It is difficult to pick which team you want to be on so take this quiz.

Created by: NyanNate
  1. What color do you like the most?
  2. Which donut filling do you like? (If you have the game you'll get this question)
  3. What would you do after you lost a battle?
  4. Which name sounds better?
  5. What's your personality?
  6. What is better
  7. Which ability would you have?
  8. Which animal is better?
  9. Which team do you think your on?
  10. What team do you want to be on?

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Quiz topic: (Yokai Watch) am I a Fleshy or Bony?