Who are you?

I bet you you think you know who you are, what you are. What you will be. Who you will be. Well take this quiz. You will be amazed. Duh duh duh!!!....

Who are you???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Created by: maxtempleton
  1. Do have any friends
  2. Are your parents divorced
  3. How much TV do you watch a day.
  4. If you are 0 years to 10 years, how much do you way
  5. If you are 10-10000000000, how much do you weigh
  6. Does your mom have to shave more times a month than your dad!!!
  7. Are you underage, but you still drink alcohol sometimes
  8. Do you get this joke::: A man comes home from a hard days work to find some weightlifting equipment on the stairs. He asks his wife what the heck she is doing wasting money on the gear, and she says that they help increase her breast size. He says "All you need is some toilet paper!" She seems puzzled. "yeah all you do is rub the toilet paper between your bust, and it makes them bigger. "how do you know" she asks. Well, look what its done to your bottom!!!"
  9. Can you answer this question: Bxx2(980)#3416/>445/4*778-45=Y
  10. Do you still do any of these things

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Quiz topic: Who am I?