~Warrior Cat Love Story!~ --[PART ONE]--

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It's my first quiz, so please don't be too hard on me. This was something I really wanted to do for a while, but never knew what I would put. I'm making a story on Google Docs and Wattpad for this soon.

You are [Y/N], a kit born in ThunderClan. As you progress into being a Warrior, there's going to be some love drama, border disputes, battles, and, of course, a Prophecy that involves you!

Created by: _Lucky's_Passion_ of A song for you while you take my quizzes
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  1. Woo! I've wanted to make a quiz like this for so long, and now I finally get to! I hope you enjoy!
  2. This is my first quiz, so please don't be mad at me if I do something wrong or if the quiz isn't great -v-" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You wake up, the scent of the Nursery filling your nose. "Look at that, she's waking up!" You hear a high-pitched voice next to you. "Volekit, sh!" A deeper voice hushed the voice called 'Volekit'.
  3. You open your [E/C(Eye Color/Colour)] eyes to see a brown face with green eyes in front of you. "Hi! I'm Volekit! You must be... [Y/K/N(Your Kit Name)]!" Volekit squeaks. You gaze behind him to see two other kits: A gray-brown tabby she-kit with blue eyes and a white tabby tom-kit, also with blue eyes. {Are they littermates?} You think.
  4. You look behind you to see a tortoiseshell-and-white cat. She's looking down at you with pretty amber eyes. "I'm your mother, young [Y/K/N]. I'm Lilypool. Your father is out hunting. Why don't you go play with the other kits?" She flicks her tail at the other kits. Volekit nods enthusiastically, "Yeah! C'mon, [Y/K/N]!", and takes a running start to pounce on the white tabby, who squeaks in surprise and anger.
  5. Whatever you chose, you ended up talking/playing with all of the kits, your choice or Lilypool nudging you to them. The she-kit smiled at you, and squeaked, "Hi, I'm Whisperkit! You're [Y/K/N], right?". You briefly nod, struggling to stand. Volekit stood beside you, and you leaned on his shoulder((HaHa, ShIpPiNg FuEl-)). The white tabby rolled his eyes, and Whisperkit flicked her tail in his face, causing the tom-kit to sneeze and glare at the she-kit. "That's Frostkit. He's just like Seedstar; A big ol' meanie!" Volekit whispered to you through your ear, and you lightly giggled. "Lilypool, can we teach [Y/K/N] how to play mossball?" Whisperkit asked your mother.
  6. Lilypool smiled and nodded, and the four of you exited the Nursery, Frostkit falling behind a little. ~~5 MOONS LATER~~Frostkit, Whisperkit, and Volekit were standing at the front of the cats gathered by Highledge, Seedstar watching them with narrowed eyes. "I now announce these kits as Apprentices. Frostkit, you will be known as Frostpaw under Galaxy's mentorship. Whisperkit, you will be known as Whisperpaw under Crowpatch's mentorship. And Volekit, you will be known as Volepaw under Bluemist's mentorship. Clan meeting dismissed." And with that, the brown she-cat leapt off of Highledge, pushing through the brambles covering the entrance to the Leader's den. The littermates, now Apprentices, ran to their mentors. You and your Clanmates congratulated the Apprentices, still a little put off from Seedstar's short ceremony.
  7. Woo! That was a LOT of typing! Please don't get mad at me for the art involved in the quiz, because I'll be making some original art soon, but if you're an artist, you know that it takes a long time to make, especially digital art. So, what did you think?
  8. The quiz requires 10 questions so I'm just gonna annoy you-
  9. *ahem* FiReStAr DoEsN't LiKe WaFfLeS!!!
  10. Ok, last question!~ ...[no urls]?v=05wtMQGiDhc
  11. Hah, just kidding, I'm so awful-
  12. Leafspirit looked in the water of the Moonpool, seeing her reflection in the cold water. She touched her nose to it, and layed down for sleep... Leafspirit awoke surrounded by the StarClan cats. "Leafspirit, something's wrong with Firestar and Crowfeather!" Squirrelflight ran up to the brown tabby, who sighed, "Where are they?". Squirrelflight led Leafspirit to Crowfeather and Firestar. Seeing what was happening, Leafspirit's jaw dropped, "WHAT THE-".
  13. Crowfeather was 'crying' with a wobbly smile on his face, "My ex-wives and children don't care about me...", and Firestar was flopping around singing, "What Does The Fox Say?". In the distance, Mousefur was swishing her tail around, singing, "My Milkshake". And Graystripe was surrounded by RiverClan cats, who were saying river and ocean puns. "Squirrelflight... Where's Leafpool..." Leafspirit asked, shaking. The dark ginger she-cat flicked her bushy tail to Leafpool, who was desperately trying to calm Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf as they stared wide-eyed at Ashfur, who was anime-sweat dropping.

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