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There are many people, but only a few are people. Are you people? find out in this quiz!

----> Find out your personality based off my first random personality quiz! Will this become popular? ONLY IF YOU SPREAD THE WORD! GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL! POKE THE DOG!

Created by: NitroSpeed
  1. FIRST QUESTION! Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, or Lemon aid?
  2. Guess what? That last question didn't do anything! xD
  3. Theres a bear in your room, what do you do!?
  4. there are 3 pennies, 2 quarters, and 1 dime, what do you do?
  5. Your pants are falling! What do you do!? o_O
  6. Whats your favorite colo......... Sorry bout that, hes gone now. Alright! Whats your favorite element?
  9. This is a trick question.
  10. Wait, it isnt the last question PICK A NUMBER!
  11. now it is! WOO! last question: Are you there?

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