..open sesamee ;D

There are just some people out there who are just a tad bit bored. This is the reason, and motivation that has inspired me to make this quiz. To purely just get rid of that little tad of boredom that people have for a little while. And also...I was a tad bit bored too when I made this quiz...LOL

Are YOU willing to take you boredom onto another level? To a level where your boredom will no longer be boredom [only for temporary short time] And are YOU willing to just have little fun? No? How bout if there is food involved =D Well, it's your choice, if you just ignore my quiz then you'll be missing out on some little fun that you could have...what a shame... *shakes head* Any hows...

Created by: aileen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. RAW mushrooms are delicious.
  2. You like to log roll.
  3. Tomato paste smells extremely nice.
  4. I love the wind
  5. Choose one.
  6. Chink stands for:
  7. The Twilight book series are:
  8. Do you like your backyard?
  9. Choose one.
  11. Choose one.
  12. (Y)
  13. You break into your own house, your crawling through a window...what is the reason for this action?
  14. Do you think there was a point to this quiz??

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